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Everything you need to analyze and trade market cycles

Traders need everything at their fingertips. Until now existing software solutions needed to be fed with historical market data and could not easily manage real time price streaming. Now with Market Cycle Analyst you can use your favourite trading platform to analyze market cycles on real time charts, back-test your trading strategies and trade the financial markets all in one! This means reducing costs and saving time. Find out more on our Product description page.

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Apply the techniques of J. M. Hurst to identify financial market cycles. Use our intuitive tools to visualize cycles directly on the charts of your trading platform and to easily backtest your trading ideas.
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Find correlations between astronomical cycles and the movements of financial markets. This tool help you analyze the market pulse using the different “clocks” of our solar system.
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Find simple and complex planetary aspects formed by two or even three planets at a time. Customize degrees of distance and tolerance settings.
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Easily place planetary lines on your real time charts and use them as support/resistance. Customize the “planet angle” according to your analysis.
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Find correlations between moon tides and any financial market of your choice. Exploit the ancient wisdom about the moon tides.
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Hurst and Aspect Cycles can be easily saved on file and then embedded into your trading strategies. Everything can be back-tested with the native strategy tester tool of your platform
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MCA Fourier

The Fourier analysis is one of the tools highlighted by Hurst. We could use it to pin down the fluctuations periods in the financial instruments prices.
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MCA Band Pass Filter

Hurst has introduced the filters definition into the world of finance. Before the filters were widely used in the various areas of physics.
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MCA Swing Trading

MCA Swing Trading is one of the Social PAMMs listed by the brokerage company Key To Markets.
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A family of indicators, scripts and EAs developed for MT4 are designed to study WD Gann Planetary cycles and J.M. Hurst cycles. For the first time you have the right tools to develop and backtest your own trading strategy based on the most popular cycle theories. Read More


09Mar, 2018MCA Manual – Table of Contents

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1 Market Cycle Analyst – MT4 Installation 6 1.1 System requirements 6 1.2 Install 6 Read More >>

08Mar, 2018MCA Overview

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A family of indicators, scripts and EAs developed for MT4 to study WD Gann Planetary cycles and J.M. Hurst cycles. Read More >>

08Mar, 2018MCA Hurst Cycles

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J.M. Hurst was an American engineer who, in the 1960s and 70s applied the power of the modern computer to investigate cycles in the financial markets. Read More >>


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