Find simple and complex planetary aspects formed by two or even three planets at a time. Customize the degrees of distance and tolerance settings. Expert financial astrologers know how important it is to study the aspects (the distance measured as a difference in degrees between the longitudinal positions) between two or three planets. With Markets Cycle Analyst you can check the market behavior in respect to these points on the timeline, studying any conventional or unconventional aspect between more than two planets at a time (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, etc.) You can customize the settings and use your findings to build an automated trading strategy or simply use the timing points directly for your trading all in the same platform. As we wanted to give you more than the existing products on the market, we built a unique feature in our software that will allow you to identify the recurrence of specific aspects among any three planets; that could be a “grand trine” or any custom/uneven aspect. As for the other modules you can manually set the degrees of tolerance for the reoccurring custom aspect on both sides (application/separation aspect). (in the picture an example of Carolan Cycles)