Apply the techniques of J. M. Hurst to identify financial market cycles. Use our intuitive tools to visualize cycles directly on the charts of your trading platform and easily backtest your trading ideas. Hurst adopted the concept of “wave” from physics and applied it to financial markets with the aim of defining past and present cycles. The work described in his books is rather sophisticated and was later re-elaborated by several other authors. Once you have grasped the theory, you are going to need an effective software to turn it into the trading strategy. With the tools provided by Market Cycle Analyst you can now master Hurst theory through its pragmatic application directly onto the real time charts of your trading platform. Once you are confident about the cycle and sub-cycles you have identified, you can start trading on the very same chart and keep your position under control while observing the trend unfold through the cycle indicators you have set. You can also use the indicators of the Hurst Study module to build your own automated trading strategy and back-test it to measure its performance.