MCA Fourier The Fourier analysis is one of the tools highlighted by Hurst. We could use it to pin down the fluctuations periods in the financial instruments prices. The analysis uses the sine waves and estimates the cycles’ periods. Throughout the analysis we are able to find sets of waves, some of them are shifted or squeezed. Despite the potential noise, it should be possible to identify the main cycle period and further expand our understanding of the cycles. When we identify the dominant period, we are able to come one-step closer to identifying the “cyclic model” price motion, which is predictable and represents roughly 23% of the price movements. The calculation process for the sine waves is complex and very sensitive. At first, it involves the data manipulations and conversion of data. The calculations are dependent on the data periodicity, which may have an impact on the results. The process should not scare you away as we have the solution. Our tool calculates the correct cycles and is keeping track of the correct inputs for you. It can help not only the beginner, but advanced traders as well. The software allows for the period adjustment and other customizations of the inputs, which are crucial in discovering the dominant market cycles. This Fourier analysis is very important in cycles’ discovery process as it helps to approach the Hurst analysis being equipped with the knowledge of the cycles’ length and estimation of the dominant cycles.