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A family of indicators, scripts and EAs developed for MT4 to study WD Gann Planetary cycles and J.M. Hurst cycles. For the first time you have the right tools to develop and backtest your own trading strategy based on the most popular cycle theories.

System Requirements

  • MT4 build 890 or greater

  • DLL allowed

  • Internet always connected

  • Visual Studio 2012 C/C++ runtime 32 bit

  • Optimized for small/medium display characters

  • Suggested screen resolution greater then 1280*768

MCA Astro Cycles

Financial astrology relates the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets.

Millionaires don’t use astrologers, but billionaires do. John Pierpont Morgan

Gann used Astrology throughout his career and managed to accumulate a great deal of money in the markets.

Not only we have analyzed Gann’s planetary charting techniques and  duplicated many of them in this software but we added many functionalities not existing in more specialized software: studies to identify planetary critical points like aspects, trines, attraction/repulsion, Carolan cycles etc. and  tools to backtest  your trading ideas based on planetary cycles. Your goal is to verify if planetary cycles represent support/resistance zones for prices and, when you see a graphically evident relationship between planets and cycles, to  backtest your trading ideas to verify consistency and profitability. In this chart you can see Mercury,Venus, Earth  and Mars orbits as seen from the Sun:

  and in this chart you can see several vertical lines identifying Carolan Cycles:  

and in this one  you can see several vertical lines identifying Mars every 30 degrees:


MCA Cycles

J.M. Hurst was an American engineer who, in the 1960s and 70s applied the power of the modern computer to investigate cycles in the financial markets. With the book “The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing” Hurst proposed several techniques for analyzing and trading the cycles. Market Cycle Analyst  implements many of these techniques and trading tools and above all contains  several facilities to help the trader in the developing and backtesting of trading strategies based on Hurst Cycles. In this chart you can see a typical chart showing cycles synchronized on lows :
  and in this chart the cycles are  synchronized on highs :  
  this chart contains  the typical studies  of Hurst: FLD, Displaced Moving Averages and Inverse Moving Average:  
  and below you can see  the Fourier Analysis  
  and the Band pass filter  fitted with the trigonometric curve fitting technique  as described by J.M. Hurst in the chapter eleven of  The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing book:  

Backtesting facilities

We developed an EA template for MT4 and for NinjaTrader, both with source code included, to assist you on the developing and backtesting of a trading system. Substantially you save on file all MCA cycles  and then you are able to develop the logic of your trading system.  

Click below

PAMM MCA Swing Trading 

to view the real equity chart of the trading system “MCA Swing Trading” developed by an  MCA user.        


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